A vigil honoring an sheriff’s deputy who was taken off life support Monday after suffering a brutal jailhouse beating was interrupted after gunshots rang out near the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Avondale, according to dramatic video.

12 News video that showed an interview with a reporter interrupted by a gunshot in the distance.

“Was that a gunshot?” one person could be heard asking off-camera.

“Where is that coming from?” another asked. 

The first two shots were followed by a brief silence and then a series of more blasts.

Deputies—some armed with long guns– could be seen running in the direction of the gunshots. The scene was chaotic, and reporters on hand to cover the vigil for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy Juan “Johnny” Ruiz, were told to “duck” and were removed from the location.

Niala Charles, a reporter for the station, tweeted that the vigil for Ruiz was coming to an end when the shots were fired. Police told the station that the gunshots were not directed at those attending the vigil and there is no threat to the public. There were no injuries.

Police did not immediately respond to Fox News.

Ruiz suffered fatal injuries when he on Saturday morning to place him into a holding cell, Fox 10 Police called it “standard processing protocol.” The transition was uneventful until the suspect turned on the deputy and beat him unconscious before he could radio for help, authorities said.

He was kept on life support so his organs could be donated.

Fox News’ David Aaro contributed to this report